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Fortune Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh is World Leading & Pioneer Education Consultant of Medical colleges & Universities. Providing MBBS, BDS , BVSc admission for prospective medical aspirants, who interested to study in MBBS, BDS , BVSc and considering higher education opportunities in Bangladesh and overseas.

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Study MBBS in Bangladesh, the country with the highest passing rate for MCI Screening test or FMGE between 2012-14. Between 2015-18 and 2019, Indian students again performed well in FMGE after studying MBBS in Bangladesh.

Being a neighboring country of India, the cost and time for travel get greatly reduced. Studying in Bangladesh is almost similar to studying MBBS in India because of the following reasons:

| Identical Syllabus
| Same authors of books
| Similar Study Pattern
| Study of similar Diseases
| Similar Pattern of Examination
| Similar Duration of MBBS

Medical Education In Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants

The Medical Education Abroad program is extremely well known in India. MBBS in Bangladesh is turning into a trend among Indian students who would like to study MBBS abroad. MBBS in Bangladesh is among the best choices for students considering starting an international medical career ahead. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh isn’t costly for a worldwide student in any way. ...

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During Medical study in Bangladesh, medical students spend a lot of time in hospitals and clinics, learning the art of patient care; which they equipped with a lot of clinical exposes emergency medicine.

Bangladesh shares many socio-cultural, financial, and health issues typical of developing countries in Asia. Despite some encouraging developments in health measures at the grassroots level, medical education in Bangladesh faces many challenges.
  • MBBS in Bangladesh is good for Indian students?
  • Advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students?
  • Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students?
  • Indian Students need Visa to enter Bangladesh?

Yes, Bangladesh is a nearby distance from India, and studying MBBS in Bangladesh is one of the best choices. Students need to learn Bengali speaking when interact with the local outdoor patients.

Bangladesh is becoming a favorite destination for overseas students who want to enroll in the MBBS course. In this article, we will list the top MBBS colleges for Indian students in this country. You should always remember that most of the colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by the medical council of India.

1. Sylhet Women’s Medical College.
2. Diabetic Association Medical College.
3. International Medical College.
4. Holy Family Medical College.
5. Medical College for Women and Hospital


MBBS Admission in Bangladesh 2026

The MBBS program is well known in India. MBBS in Bangladesh is going into a pattern among Indian students who’d need to consider MBBS abroad. MBBS in Bangladesh is perhaps the most helpful decision for students considering beginning an overall medical vocation ahead. Following MBBS from Bangladesh is by no means expensive for a global student. They’ll give a feel like you are studying MBBS in India. For Indian students who might need to study MBBS abroad, Bangladesh is perhaps the ideal decision. For MBBS in Bangladesh, the medical degree isn’t challenging to acquire, and it also has a simple admission process compared to different states.