The college was established as the Ummah Medical College in 1994-95 in Mirpur, Dhaka. It later shifted its premises to this site in 1998 under the current name Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital.

Shahabuddin Medical College

Shahabuddin Medical College is a private medical college in Bangladesh, located in the capital city, Dhaka. It was established with the aim of providing quality medical education, research, and services to meet the growing healthcare needs of the country and beyond. Like other medical colleges in Bangladesh, Shahabuddin Medical College is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), which allows its graduates to practice medicine upon successful completion of their studies and obtaining the necessary licensures.

Academic Program

The college offers the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, which is a 5-year program followed by a mandatory one-year internship in its own hospital or other approved hospitals. This internship is crucial for students as it provides them with hands-on clinical experience, preparing them for their medical careers.

The curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of medical sciences and clinical skills. It starts with foundational subjects like anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology in the initial years, and progresses to more clinical subjects such as medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and others in the later years.

Facilities and Hospital

Shahabuddin Medical College is equipped with modern facilities to support the education of its students. This includes well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, a library with a wide range of medical textbooks and journals, and accommodation facilities.

The college is associated with Shahabuddin Medical College Hospital, a fully functional hospital that serves as the primary clinical training site for its students. The hospital provides a range of medical services to the community, which allows students to gain practical experience under the supervision of experienced faculty members and medical professionals.

Admission Process

Admission to Shahabuddin Medical College for the MBBS program is competitive and is based on the applicant’s academic records, scores in medical entrance examinations, and other criteria set by the college and the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Both local and international students are encouraged to apply, with specific quotas and requirements applicable to international applicants.

It was renamed in 2002 as the Moulana Bhasani Medical College under the Moulana Bhasani Trust. In October 2007, the college shifted to its own building, which was inaugurated by the ex-chairman of the Moulana Bhasani Trust.

In February 2009, Dr. Jamal Uddin Chowdhury was elected as chairman of the Moulana Bhasani Trust, later Mrs.Laila Arjumand was elected as Chairman of Moulana Bhasani Trust and Dr. Jamal Uddin Chowdhury was elected as Chairman of Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College.

The institution was renamed to its current name of Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College on April 3, 2010, in the presence of the Chairman of the Moulana Bhasani Trusts.

Briefing about the country

Being the neighbor country of India, Bangladesh has many things common to the Indian origin (as it was once a part of India only). It is a beautiful country with greenery all around and shares its borders with West Bengal to the west, Meghalaya to the north and northeastern region, Assam to the straight north, and the Bay of Bengal to the south.

The people here are mostly Muslim which makes it the third-largest Islamic country. The high density of the country also makes it the most densely populated country in the world. The national capital is Dhaka, while the currency that revolves here is Taka. Bangladeshi people mostly speak Bangla (Bengali) language as it is the official language there as well.

The country has a fine literacy rate of 71% which makes it all allover best for students all over the globe to consider for their educational enhancement. The educational system here is as fine as it promises to be and provides quality education to the students.

Briefing about the city of Dhaka

Being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is the most densely populated city. It is the busiest city of Bangladesh as it is the hub of education and culture for the Bangladeshi people and the foreign people as well. The weather here is very pleasant with hot and wet summers and calm winters.

People from all across the globe come here to realize their dreams in any form or the other as it provides opportunities to them with its welcoming feel. Dhaka also has the nearest airport facilities both domestic and international.

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Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College is a non- government-private medical college that is located in Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. It has its affiliation with the University of Dhaka. The motto of SMAMCH is ‘Enter to earn, leave to serve’. Its name has been changed three times: Ummah Medical College (Mirpur, Dhaka) in 1994 Moulana Bhasani Medical College (Uttara, Dhaka) in 2002 Finally, Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College (Uttara, Dhaka).

SMAMCH provides a five-year MBBS degree with one year of compulsory internship at the end of all the students. The college follows the curriculum cut out by the University of Dhaka as it is educationally affiliated with it. It also has its affiliation with the WHO.

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Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Why Army Medical Colleges is Best for Study Medical in Bangladesh

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are renowned for offering top-tier medical education and training. These institutions have garnered a reputation for excellence in various facets of medical education, which makes them standout options for students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine within Bangladesh. Here are several reasons why Army Medical Colleges are considered among the best for studying medicine in the country:

1. Rigorous Academic Standards

Army Medical Colleges adhere to a stringent curriculum that is both comprehensive and challenging, designed to ensure students acquire a deep understanding of medical science. The curriculum is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advancements in medical research and technology, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

2. Highly Qualified Faculty

These colleges boast a faculty comprising experienced and dedicated professionals who are experts in their respective fields. The faculty members are committed to imparting their knowledge and expertise to students, fostering an environment of learning and academic excellence.

3. State-of-the-Art Facilities

Army Medical Colleges are equipped with modern facilities and advanced technologies that enhance the learning experience. This includes well-equipped laboratories, digital libraries, and simulation centers that allow students to practice and hone their skills in a controlled environment.

4. Clinical Exposure and Hands-on Training

Students at Army Medical Colleges gain extensive clinical exposure through training in affiliated hospitals. These opportunities allow students to interact with patients and medical professionals, providing them with practical experience that is critical to their education and future careers.

5. Discipline and Professionalism

The military ethos of discipline, leadership, and integrity is integrated into the educational environment of Army Medical Colleges. This culture fosters professionalism among students, preparing them not only as competent medical professionals but also as leaders in the healthcare sector.

6. Research Opportunities

Army Medical Colleges encourage and support research initiatives, offering students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge medical research. This emphasis on research helps stimulate innovation and critical thinking among students, essential qualities for medical professionals.

7. Community Service

A significant focus on community service and public health initiatives ensures that students understand their role in serving society and addressing public health challenges. These experiences enrich students’ education and instill a sense of social responsibility.

8. Global Recognition

Degrees from Army Medical Colleges are recognized both nationally and internationally, allowing graduates to pursue further education and career opportunities worldwide. The colleges’ affiliations with professional medical bodies ensure that the education provided meets global standards.

9. Career Opportunities

Graduates from Army Medical Colleges have a wide range of career opportunities available to them, both within the military healthcare system and in civilian medical facilities. The comprehensive education and training received prepare them for successful careers in various medical specialties.

10. Network and Community

Being part of an Army Medical College means being part of a tight-knit community of professionals and alumni. This network can provide support, mentorship, and opportunities throughout a student’s medical career.

In conclusion, Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh offer a unique and comprehensive medical education experience that combines rigorous academic training with practical clinical experience, research opportunities, and a focus on discipline and professionalism. These factors make them highly desirable institutions for those looking to pursue a career in medicine.

Subjects taught during the 5-year course at SMAMCHBiochemistry

  • Biochemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Obstetrics
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Community medicine
  • Forensic medicine
  • Gynecology and many more subjects including their practicals in laboratories which gives the students a pinch of experience amongst learning as well.

Reasons to study at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College

  • Highly qualified and friendly staff- Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College provides quality education to its students by providing them with highly qualified staff to guide them through this entire journey. There are assistant professors and associate professors to help the main staff as well. This makes all the more work easier on the basic level.
  • Affordable fee structure- Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College is quite affordable if we compare it to other colleges offering MBBS domestically or even internationally. It provides such fine quality education under such an affordable fee structure which makes it the best pick for the foreign students as well.
  • Perks of being a neighbor country- As Bangladesh is India’s neighbor country and was once a part of India itself, we have much in common. The commonality of beliefs and ideas makes it the best choice for Indian students aspiring to do MBBS. Also, the staff is mostly Indian well, which makes them feel at home in a foreign land.
  • Strict vigilance system- The governing body and the Board of Trustees keep a sharp eye on the working and development of the institution, thus making sure that no hindrance comes in the way of its development. This is quite evident in the way why SMAMCH is one of the most prestigious institutions in Bangladesh.
  • There is no need for the candidates to appear for examinations like IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE. To secure admission in the prestigious Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital.
  • As the people are most familiar with the Indian culture and surroundings, the Indian students have a very pleasant time there living in an environment that is very similar to theirs. The people are very considerate and understanding including the faculty at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital.

Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College Fee Structure

Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College Fee Structure SMAMCH

Being a very famous and known institution, Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital tries not to fall heavy on the pockets of those trying to seek admission it’s phenomenal MBBS course to realize their dreams of serving the people of the society.

With this in mind here is the Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College fee structure

Course MBBS
Period 5 years+ 1-year
Eligibility Candidates must secure above 50% in 10th and Approx. 12th in the respective subs
Quotient Internship
Fees 15-23 lacs

Scholarship facilities

Shaheed Monsur Ali College and Hospital also provides for scholarship facilities to those who cannot afford to bear the costly fee structure of MBBS, as doing MBBS is not a piece of cake for everyone. But SMAMCH makes sure that no one is left behind and provides for these scholarship facilities to the needy ones. It also provides these facilities to the students who perform phenomenally in the academic arena and deserve to be rewarded.

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Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College Admission Process

The students need to crack the NEET exam to have been able to get admitted to the Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College. The main subjects required to study at SMAMCH are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Requirements of documents at the time of admission are

  • Valid passport photocopy
  • Passport size photographs
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Health certification
  • High school graduate certificate
  • Valid visa

Steps to acquire a visa to study at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College

  • Passport having at least 3 months’ validity.
  • Recently clicked passport-sized photos.
  • Copies of invitation letter and fee receipt from the college itself.
  • The Visa fee is given in cash.
  • Certificate of bank solvency given by the candidate on behalf of the guardians.

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